018 > The Broomway
The Broomway crosses Maplin and Foulness sands. It gets its name from the posts that mark the way. Mud, fog and fast incoming tides can easily cause problems for the walker.

018 > The Broomway

I live near The Broomway, ‘the most perilous path in Britain’. I haven’t tried walking it yet, because I’m a bit scared of sinking sand.

Having this fear is probably a good thing. I do a fair bit of kayaking and know how quickly things can go horribly wrong if certain precautions aren’t taken. Every trip I’ve been on this summer has involved ‘mud awareness’ and some degree of accidental sinkage.

A good guide book on the left and The Broomway on the right.

TP used to talk about not wanting to get stuck in the mud   – and unfortunately being stuck in it at certain points in his life. He also used to warn me not to get stuck in the mud re. this potentially all consuming project.

Content coming soon.“I think I would have liked to be an explorer, actually (chuckles)…I do like the idea of exploring… ”. Tony Pritchett 2014. 

Anyway, what I’m edging my way towards, is my analogy between the Broomway posts and these here blog posts. It’s a shaky one but I’m going to cling to it. I’m well aware that no one reads blogs, but I’m going to plod on. Composing this stuff is helping me navigate this eBook of mine, with it’s infinite side-project sludge and research bogs. It’s also helping me get some cheesy metaphors out of my system.

So, without further a do, in this post I present to you: A potted history of early CG-related developments and other things that contributed to TP making The Flexipede.

Click the image above for an early computer animation (and related stuff) timeline. It's a scan of a booklet I bought at The Digital Computer Animation Heritage Centre on Foulness Island.

It’s a quick reference tool a – very brief history of computing and art/film history up to 1967. I’ve omitted an infinite amount of info, in order to not get stuck in the mud – and in doing so have realised that the key to ever surviving this project, is most probably not down to whats left in – but rather what’s left out.

If you’re stuck in the mud right now, maybe this timeline might end up helping you. That would be great!

Cheers for now – Kate.

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