019 > Sprocket Science 2.0
Lucky for me I made a right f-stopping mess of my holiday snaps. Zero exposures. An all time low.

019 > Sprocket Science 2.0

This time last week I was feeling a bit disappointed. I’d realised that it would be nigh on impossible for someone like myself to build a ½ decent 16mm film scanner.

What was I thinking? I’d need more than beginners Raspberry Pi skills and basic knowledge of photography to create a homemade Cintel!

The Blackmagic Cintel.

I’d need more than cybernetic serendipity. I’d need a string of coincidences straight out of one of TP’s copies of ‘Fortean Times’. Something like…

> A failed 35mm infrared experiment of mine (shot last summer), is published in the journal below.

Click to read Harry Atkinson's article on my 35mm infrared holiday photo failure. (Thanks again to Harry for looking into it all).

> As a result of the article above, I’m emailed (out of the blue), by society member, Eric Jukes.

> I’d only ever previously briefly spoken to fellow club member Eric at Stereoscopic Society meetings. We’d chat about 3D – but that was about it.

> Eric signs off his email with a few lines about his summer: how he’d helped a relative learn Python.

> I email back, including a (tenuous) link to my Raspberry Pi (Python) scanner blog.

> I then think, “Why did I think it appropriate to send my boring blog? It’s not even in 3D!”

Eric's 3D printed roller from The Kinograph opensource CAD file pack.

> Eric writes back, attaching the picture above.

> He tells me that he has a lifelong interest in scanners.

> And that he’s a visiting lecturer on the course below.

> The plan is that we’ll each be having a go at making the same 16mm scanner.

> I’m extremely grateful to Eric for being up for such a thing.  *** THANK YOU ERIC! ***

> Needless to say who’ll be copying who’s homework!

Eric’s asked me to mention that he offers various film, slide and print scanning services. He says that you can contact him via the contact form in the footer of this (TonyPritchett.co.uk) website.

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