This site has been set up by me, (Kate Sullivan).
I’m a freelance animator/independent filmmaker who had the good fortune to meet Tony Pritchett, by chance, at an animation screening. 

I set up this site in order to:

A. Promote and raise funds for an eBook documenting Tony Pritchett’s work and the emergence of the UK animation industry.

B. Raise scanning funds and find a new physical home for Tony Pritchett’s archive.

C. Tell people about Tony Pritchett’s work.

D. Have fun.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about, or get involved with, the archiving and documenting of TP’s work.

My commercial animation work can be found at katesullivan.co.uk
For non-commercial stuff, please see katesullivanfilm.com

Best wishes and many thanks for your time, Kate. (February, 2020).