How The Project Began:

I met Tony Pritchett by chance at an animation screening in 2012.

An animator and filmmaker myself, I was keen to keep in touch and it wasn’t long before I asked if he would mind me making a film about him.

Working With Tony:

My new pal gave me many a guided tour through the world of early British CGI (ie. the amazing archive stored in his flat).

We began work on a film, but it became apparent that the best way to share Tony and colleagues’ stories and related archive materials would be to create a multimedia project.

Working Without Tony:

Tony passed away in 2017.

I’d like to carry on working on the project we began together.

He was a modest man and the project will reflect this. However, there are quite a few stories and a lot of archive materials that I feel are worthy of preserving and sharing.

The plan is to create the eBook one chapter at a time. Each chapter will contain digitised archive footage and newly created digital/analogue documentary footage.


In 1967 Tony Pritchett created the world’s first computer-generated character using a supercomputer, a nuclear fusion research lab and a squeaky office chair.

This project shares this and other stories about his career and a lesser-documented time in British animation history.


Fading film stock, misremembered memories, experimental computer animation, interviews and archive footage paint a picture of a man and the evolving landscape in which he worked. 

The project contains a mix of impressionistic storytelling, archive materials, technical information and links for further study.

It provides both a subjective and objective glimpse into the lesser documented world of early British computer CGI.

Hopefully it will be funny in places too. Tony had a great sense of humour.


If you’re able to contribute to the scanning of the archive or making of the eBook, please get in touch!

No amount is too small!

Please click HERE to go to go to the project download page.