Still from Tony’s independent film, ‘Night Ferry’ (1980)

*-*-* Special Thanks *-*-*

> Dr. Victoria Marshall, (Chilton computing) who initiated a punchcard-reading project and also a lecture at RAL, which led to many contributors getting in touch
> Prof David Duce, (Atlas Lab Alumni) for going beyond the call of duty and utterly transforming this project
> Professor Bob Hopgood O.B.E, (Chilton alumni) I can not thank Bob enough for the huge and priceless contribution he has made to this project
> And finally and extra special thank you also to Celia Blois, Hellen Hullock and all of Tony’s family

*-*-* Massive Thanks *-*-*

The researching and celebrating of the archive contents has evolved into a group-project involving artists, scientists, friends and colleagues and fans of Tony’s, to whom I am eternally grateful:

> Dik Leatherdale at The Computer Conservation Society
> Dr. Nick Lambert (Computer Arts Society)
> Hugh ‘Ras’ Riddle (Provider of a reel to reel recorder for The Flexipede co-creator of ‘Sidebands’ with Tony.)
> Sebastian Martienssen (Software Generation)
> Alan Joy (Software Generation)
> Tim Bierman (Software Generation)
> Terry Froggatt (Elliot Users Group)
> Elliott 903 (chief tape digitiser)
> Jez Stewart (Animation historian and head of animation archives, BFI)
> Dr. Catherine Mason
> Dr. Simone Gristwood
> Stan Hayward (Writer/Director)
> Janet Payne (Programming colleague of Tony’s)
> David Nicholls (retired IBM engineer making a punchcard-reader to aid our archiving)
> Bea Haut (Moving image artist, 16mm)
> Dr. Dean Todd (University of East London’s Steenbeck guru)
> James Holcombe (Moving image artist/16mm filmmaker and scanner)
> Dr. Ryan Shand (Lecturer / film historian)
> Dr. Oleg Chechlov (Scientific programmer at STFC and translator of Russian documents about early cartoon cats)
> Dr Paul Brown (Artist and writer specialising in art, science and technology since 1968)
> Laura Travail (artist, coder, Raspberry Pi guru)
> Ian Thompson (Sound recordist)
> Izzy De Rosario (script editor)
> Ewan Mulligan (cinematographer)
> Nigel Kellaway (Videographer)
> Alan Gilbey (Screenwriting guru, Doctor Who and Tony fan)
> ‘Keith and Dave’ (reel to reel restorers)
> Cerys Hogg (Artist, musician, contraption-maker and friend of Tony’s)
> John Salim (White Bus Cinema/John Salim Photographic)
> Paul Cotgrove (White Bus Cinema)
> Kevin Faulkner (White Bus Cinema)
> Mark Joseph (White Bus Cinema)
> Paige Oakendon (Metal)
> Dr. Tom Kirkham (Harwell Computing)
> Prof Mick Grierson (UAL Creative Computing Research Leader)
> Ruth Ducker (Exec Producer, Roobot Productions)
> Chris Forrester (Visual Effects Supervisor, Goldcrest Post)