The Tony Pritchett Archive is currently homed in my garage.

With the generous help of:

> Prof. Bob Hopgood (Chilton Computing Alumni)
> Prof. David Duce (Atlas Lab Alumni)
> Dik Leatherdale at The Computer Conservation Society, 
> Dr. Victoria Marshall (Chilton Computing)
> Dr. Nick Lambert (Computer Arts Society)
> Sebastian Martienssen (Software Generation)
> Alan Joy (Software Generation)
> Tim Bierman (Software Generation)
> Terry Froggatt (Elliot Users Group)
> Stan Hayward (Writer/Director)
> Janet Payne (Programming colleague of Tony’s)
> And others

I’m slowly computing exactly what is in it.

In 1967 Tony Pritchett did a lot of running up and down stairs and waiting in order to make Britain's first bit of computer animation. In 2020 I did similar in this house, in order to do my little bit to help Bob and David retrace TP's programming-footsteps.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people listed above.

A huge thank you also to The computer Arts Society for making this possible by hosting the digital archive, enabling me to link to it from the forthcoming multimedia eBook.

Many thanks also to Celia Blois, Hellen Hullock and all Tony’s family for arranging the transferral of materials.

A huge thank you to Dr. Victoria Marshall, who initiated a punchcard-reading project and also a lecture at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, which led to many contributors getting in touch and assisting me with the project.

A special thank you to Prof David Duce for going beyond the call of duty and helping a great amount.

An extra special thanks to Professor Bob Hopgood, who has given a huge amount of his time. His knowledge and expertise has transformed this project. Thank you so much Bob.

Top left clockwise: Dr. Victoria Marshall (with Sir John Cockcroft, Sebastian de Ferranti and Tom Kilburn - switching on the Manchester Atlas 07/12/1962), Lockdown hair, Prof Bob Hopgood, Prof David Duce.


> Cine Film (8mm, 16mm, 35mm)
> Photographic film, negs, prints (some hand-tinted), 3D stereo-cards and slides (35mm 120mm)
> 1/4 ” audio tape
> Magnetic computer tape
> Umatic tapes
> VHS tapes

> Listings
> Punchcards
> Paper Tape
> Handwritten programming notes/diagrams
> Plotter prints
> Correspondance
> Manuals
> Hardware/software sales brochures
> Collected essays and articles on developments in computing and computer animation technology
> Scripts, storyboards and countless production materials.

> Photographic developing equipment
> London University Atlas’ data link cable
> A mystery DIY electronic contraption
> Apple II
> Handmade (using felt tips!) Antics GUI for tablet

176 film cans. Tony's house (2014)