The Tony Pritchett Archive is temporarily safely homed in my house and garage.

The BFI will eventually home the celluloid, once I have raised funds to digitise it. Huge thanks to Jez Stewart for arranging this.

The Computer Arts Society have kindly offered to host this footage in the CAS Archive and to house the physical documents in the Interact Archive. Huge thanks to Dr. Nick Lambert and to Sean Clark.

The researching and celebrating of the archive contents has evolved into a group-project involving artists, scientists, friends and colleagues and fans of Tony’s, to whom I am eternally grateful:

> Prof. Bob Hopgood O.B.E (Chilton Computing Alumni)
> Prof. David Duce (Atlas Lab Alumni)
> Dr. Victoria Marshall (Chilton Computing)
> Dik Leatherdale at The Computer Conservation Society, 
> Dr. Nick Lambert (Computer Arts Society)
> Hugh ‘Ras’ Riddle (Provider of a reel to reel recorder for The Flexipede co-creator of ‘Sidebands’ with Tony.)
> Sebastian Martienssen (Software Generation)
> Alan Joy (Software Generation)
> Tim Bierman (Software Generation)
> Terry Froggatt (Elliot Users Group)
> Elliott 903 (chief tape digitiser)
> Jez Stewart (Animation historian and head of animation archives, BFI)
> Dr. Catherine Mason
> Dr. Simone Gristwood
> Stan Hayward (Writer/Director)
> Janet Payne (Programming colleague of Tony’s)
> David Nicholls (retired IBM engineer making a punchcard-reader to aid our archiving).
> Bea Haut (Moving image artist, 16mm)
> Dr. Dean Todd (University of East London’s Steenbeck guru).
> James Holcombe (Moving image artist/16mm filmmaker and scanner).
> Dr. Ryan Shand (Lecturer / film historian).
> Dr. Oleg Chechlov (Scientific programmer at STFC and translator of Russian documents about early cartoon cats)
> Dr Paul Brown (Artist and writer specialising in art, science and technology since 1968)
> Ian Thompson (Sound recordist)
> Izzy De Rosario (script editor)
> Ewan Mulligan (cinematographer)
> Nigel Kellaway (Videographer)
> Alan Gilbey (Screenwriting guru, Doctor Who and Tony fan)
> ‘Keith and Dave’ (reel to reel restorers)
> Cerys Hogg (Artist, musician, contraption-maker and friend of Tony’s)

> Special thanks to Celia Blois, Hellen Hullock and all of Tony’s family.

176 film cans stored in a cool, dry garage.
16 bankers boxes (eco card for Tony) full of docs
In 1967 Tony Pritchett did a lot of running up and down stairs and waiting in order to make Britain's first bit of computer animation. In 2020 I did similar in this house, in order to do my little bit to help Bob and David retrace TP's programming-footsteps.
Top left clockwise: Dr. Victoria Marshall (with Sir John Cockcroft, Sebastian de Ferranti and Tom Kilburn - switching on the Manchester Atlas 07/12/1962), Lockdown hair, Prof Bob Hopgood, Prof David Duce.


> Cine Film (8mm, 16mm, 35mm)
> Photographic film, negs, prints (some hand-tinted), 3D stereo-cards and slides (35mm 120mm)
> 1/4 ” audio tape
> Magnetic computer tape
> Umatic tapes
> VHS tapes

> Listings
> Punchcards
> Paper Tape
> Handwritten programming notes/diagrams
> Plotter prints
> Correspondance
> Manuals
> Hardware/software sales brochures
> Collected essays and articles on developments in computing and computer animation technology
> Scripts, storyboards and countless production materials.

> Photographic developing equipment
> London University Atlas’ data link cable
> A mystery DIY electronic contraption
> Apple II
> Handmade (using felt tips!) Antics user interface ‘labels’ to be placed upon a drawing tablet.

176 film cans. Tony's house (2014)