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This site is home to an eBook about British computer animation pioneer,
Tony Pritchett (1937-2017).

It also contains information about the The Tony Pritchett Archive.

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**** In 1967, Tony created a 2 minute cartoon, THE FLEXIPEDE ****

!!!!! THE FLEXIPEDE is Britain’s bit 1st bit of computer animation and the world’s 1st computer-animated character  !!!!!

 + + * The film was created using…* + +

> One of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

> A high-security fusion research lab.

>  A squeaky office chair.

====__ Tony Pritchett eBook __====

This site contains an eBook that documents Tony + colleagues’
pioneering computing work (c. 1963-1983).

58% impressionistic portrait, 42% technical manual / resource for further study, it sheds light on an exciting time at the beginning of a fast-developing industry.

****_ Tony Pritchett Archive _****

The archiving of Tony’s work in an ongoing process.
Click here for news and please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

The Archive Contains:

> 8mm, 16mm, 35mm film, Umatic and VHS tapes.
> Mag track audio, optical and 1/4″ tape.
> Stills photography in many formats including stereoscopic.
> Listings, punch cards, paper tape.
> Manuals, magazines, books, publications, brochures.
> Scripts, production notes and materials (Film and TV).
> Correspondance, reports, essays.
> Hardware, (including part of the London University Atlas!)
> 16mm master neg and Letraset titles from THE FLEXIPEDE!

The Archive’s Current Home:

> My house and garage.

The Archive URGENTLY Needs:

> Physically storing.
> Digitising.

Please Get In Touch:

If you are able to help.

(Digitisation of film materials would also allow me to feature them in a documentary project about Tony’s career.)


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To everyone who’s helped document + preserve Tony’s work.
…And thank you for visiting this site : )
Very best wishes, Kate Sullivan.