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This site celebrates the work of British computer animation pioneer, TONY PRITCHETT.

Tony’s work includes THE FLEXIPEDE (2 mins 1967).

THE FLEXIPEDE is Britain’s first computer animation and the world’s first computer-animated character!

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< < < Tony created THE FLEXIPEDE using… > > >

One of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

A high-security nuclear fusion research lab.

A squeaky office chair.

====__ Tony Pritchett eBook __====

This site contains an eBook that documents Tony + colleagues’s pioneering computing work (c. 1963-1983).
The book sheds light on an exciting time at the birth of a fast developing industry.
The eBook contains a mix of documentary film and audio, archive footage and archive materials.


Tony Pritchett eBook

A multimedia portrait in progress

****_ Tony Pritchett Archive _****

The archiving of Tony’s work in an ongoing process and a matter of urgency due to deterioration of materials.

The Archive Contains:

> 8mm, 16mm, 35mm film, Umatic and VHS tapes.
> Mag track audio, optical and 1/4″ tape.
> Stills photography in many formats including stereoscopic.
> Listings, punch cards, paper tape.
> Manuals, magazines, books, publications, brochures.
> Scripts, production notes and materials (Film and TV).
> Correspondance, reports, essays.
> Hardware, (including part of the London University Atlas!)
> 16mm master neg and Letraset titles from THE FLEXIPEDE!

The Archive’s Current Home:

> My house and (secure, dry) garage/workshop.

The Archive URGENTLY Needs:

> Physically storing.
> Digitising.

Please Get In Touch:

If you are able to help.

(Digitisation of film materials would also allow me to feature them in a documentary project about Tony’s career.)


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