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This site is home to a multimedia documentary project-in-progress about British computer animation pioneer,
Tony Pritchett (1937-2017).

It also contains information about The Tony Pritchett Archive.

**** In 1967, Tony Pritchett created a 2 minute cartoon, called THE FLEXIPEDE. ****

!! THE FLEXIPEDE is Britain’s bit 1st bit of computer animation and arguably the world’s 1st computer-animated character !!

 …The film was created using…

> One of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

> A high-security fusion research lab.

>  A squeaky office chair.

I’m currently acting as the guardian of my friend’s archive.

The Archive URGENTLY Needs:

> Physically storing.
> Digitising.

There’s a lot of early CGI in my garage. There’s also a lot of algebra, geometry and obsolete computer code.

When my friend Tony ‘logged off’ he left me wandering around a lost world without a tour guide. I couldn’t even speak any of the defunct local languages. Luckily for me, some very kind and esteemed folks are helping me decipher things. 

As well as creating a multimedia doc about Tony, I’m also digitally archiving his work. More info about this very soon.

“I think I would have liked to be an explorer, actually (chuckles). That’s one of the things I would have liked to have been. I’m not sure I would’ve liked to have been an arctic explorer (chuckles). That’s a bit cold for me – or even a jungle explorer… well I don’t know… But I do like the idea of exploring – new territories”.

-Tony Pritchett 2014

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Thank you to everyone who’s helped document and preserve my friend’s work.
…And thank you for visiting this site : )
Very best wishes, Kate Sullivan.