001 > How the Project Began
The Rutherford Atlas (Photo N. Kellaway. 2016)

001 > How the Project Began

Tony once told me that he felt, “life is a serendipitous exercise”. I often think about how lucky I was to meet him by chance at an animation screening in May 2012.

An animator and filmmaker myself, I was keen to keep in touch and it wasn’t long before I asked him if we could work together on a film about his work.

He was a very modest man and especially enjoyed talking about others’ stuff. We decided to create a short film which would document the beginnings of the British computer animation industry, from his perspective.

No.W.Here Lab (2015). Inmates were forced to edit mag tracks.

My new pal gave me many a guided tour through the world of early CGI (ie. the amazing archive stored in his flat). He showed me films and photos, printouts, punched cards…

It soon became apparent that a single-screen short was perhaps not the best way to document his eclectic stories and stuff.

We decided to create a mix of animated documentary, archive materials and technical information and hopefully some funny bits, organised in such a way as to emulate the experience of exploring an archive.

Spending time with Tony P. was always an inspirational, educational joy. ICA (2014)
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