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Tony Pritchett painted white and pretending to be a computer in LOGIC AND THE COMPUTER (1967), an episode of the BBC children's maths series MATHEMATICS IN ACTION (1965/67). This is one of the cardboard 'Wurmsers' in the archive. (illustrations mounted or drawn/painted on cardboard, filmed live on set and named after their inventor, Alfred Wurmser. High tech ones feature butterfly clips).

035 > A5

There’s a lot of creative, technical and budget-related problems to solve in regards to this multimedia eBook project of mine, but the heartening thing is, is that solutions always occur – and they do so organically.

Tony met presenter/computer scientist Benedict Nixon whilst working as a production assistant on this BBC TV show. Benedict got Tony 'fired up' about using computers to create animation. He also got him access to one of the world's most powerful supercomputers - The Atlas. There are 3 MATHEMATICS IN ACTION booklets in the archive. (Autumn '65, Summer '66 and Spring '67, the period within which TP worked at the BBC and on the show).

Up to now – I’ve been planning a singular ‘manual’ about TP. I’m creating it chapter by chapter, prioritising¬† ‘Making of The Flexipede’ and ‘Ch4 Logo’ chapters, (in 2022, it’s 40 years since TP created the logo just in time for the channel launch).

I’m aware of how ‘heavy’ the eBook may become, making it problematic to host online and store on devices if downloaded.

In addition, I’ve always liked the idea of creating a few printed hard copies, echoing the paper in the archive – and the general analogue/digital theme running through TP’s work. I’ve had a great response re. this printing notion. (I’ve experience of working on may printed projects – including two where I created QR codes to moving image media).

The eBook format solution has been staring me in the face. Here are two of my favourite A5 fanzines. TP was a also big 3D fan. He took his own stereoscopic images and worked on a beautiful anaglyph experimental cartography project at the Royal college of Art. He was also an avid reader of what he termed 'esoteric' material and had a great interest in all things weird and unexplained. There's a folder labelled 'Esoteric' in the archive, plus RCA 3D imagery and other stereo photography and equipment.

Anyway, to cut a rambling blog post short, I’ve decided to take my book chapters and create smaller A5-sized manuals. I think this is a good step as it not only references Tony’s work with Benedict at the BBC – but it also works on practically, technically and budget-wise.

In short: the smaller eBooks will be more easily downloadable and printable.

Also, I love the idea of each booklet (or should I say ‘manualet’) looking a little different, as time and graphics evolve.

Just writing this makes me feel excited about making one! – so I’ll sign off for now.

Cheers! – Kate

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