036 > Thank You Metal
An extract from 'Computer Animation In Educational Television'. Tony Pritchett 1974

036 > Thank You Metal

Thank you Metal!

I’m one of 12 lucky artists to be awarded some funding and a place on the. ‘Metal New Artists Network’ residency program. 

It’s amazing to be given the chance, encouragement and support to develop some work and ideas.

I've been able to refine my DIY Microfilm recorder and processing techniques thanks to John Salim (LBIPP LRPS) Nb. My recorder bypasses the magnetic tape stage and uses a computer monitor in place of a CRT... so yes it's just a 16mm cam pointing at a computer screen : )

One of the things I’ve done is soup-up my microfilm recorder set up. NMAN funding has allowed me to work with analogue film technician/genius John Salim. 

John’s added a tonne of scientific precision to my set up!

John Salim's lab: Comparing microfilm recorder results using differing development times.

Huge thanks Metal for facilitating a really fun and productive journey which has really helped move this experimental documentary project on.

Huge thanks John for your invaluable help and expert advice!!

Photo by Tony Pritchett. (Date as yet unknown).
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