024 > The Computer Arts Society
I am incredibly proud that The Computer Arts Society are working with me on the eBook. Together, I believe we can build something truly extraordinary - and fun!

024 > The Computer Arts Society

The Computer Arts Society was created in 1968 by Alan Sutcliffe, George Mallen and John Lansdown. Tony was one of their earliest members. I Will be going into more detail about CAS in the eBook.

Tony introduced me to CAS and chairman, Dr. Nick Lambert.

The history of a pioneering era in computer-based art too often neglected by postwar art histories and institutions. Click the image above to find out more.

Nick is a leader in the field of computer art history study, notably co-editing the acclaimed ‘White Heat Cold Logic’. I am incredibly grateful to Nick for all his help and encouragement.

Not only did he assist me in the transportation of  Tony’s archive to my home, but he has also subsequently offered to contribute to this project.

Around 1967, Buckminster Fuller visited the Institute of Computer Science in Gordon Square. Here is a frame of the 18 minutes of 16mm footage of shot by Tony. The ICS site is now home of Birkbeck University, where Nick Lambert lectures and CAS hold occasional meetings. Small world. (Nb. This is a photo of a Steenbeck screen and does not represent the quality of the footage).

Furthermore, CAS has made a kind donation of £500.00 towards the digitisation of Tony’s archive.

And finally, I am extremely happy and proud to be able to announce that CAS will be hosting the digital Tony Pritchett archive and eBook documentary footage.

I’m incredibly proud that CAS are supporting the eBook project.

A huge thank you to Nick and CAS.

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