026 > Update
Photographing GRAM listings and then sending the files to Professors David Duce and Bob Hopgood.

026 > Update

Just a quick update to say that this project is still very much in progress.

I haven’t created any blog posts since January this year, but that’s not to say that I haven’t been very busy researching Tony Pritchett’s work.


For now I would like to thank some very kind people that I have been working wth the past few months:

Terry Froggatt
Professor David Duce
Professor Bob Hopgood
Dr. Victoria Marshall
Dr. Oleg Chekhlov
Dik Leatherdale
David Nicholls
Dr. Nick Lambert
Stan Hayward
Tim Bierman
Alan Joy
Sebastien Martienssen

+ last but by no means least – Elliott 903


Lots of blog posts coming soon – Cheers! Kate

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