009 > Professor Bob Hopgood
(Left to right) Graham England, Stan Hayward, Bob Hopgood in The Atlas Lab, RAL. Screen-cap taken from 1971: Tomorrow's World: ‘Computer Animation’.

009 > Professor Bob Hopgood

Professor Bob Hopgood has “four or five” professorships.

He joined the Atlas Computer Laboratory at Rutherford Appleton Lab in 1963. When the Atlas Lab merged with Rutherford Lab in 1975, he became Head of the Atlas Computing Division and later the Rutherford Computing Division.

(During the 1970’s he met TP, who was working as a freelance animator at the time).

I want to illustrate just how smart Bob is, but since I don’t have four or five professorships, I’m finding it a bit tricky.

I’m going to have to go to ‘The Think Room’… (and I don’t mean the loo).

'The Think Room', at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. © STFC.


I could plagiarise this or just link you to his website or maybe this paper, but instead I’ll just say this:

As well as his four or five professorships he also has an O.B.E. for his work in the field of computer graphics. 

I hope to include some interviews with him in this eBook of mine. His generous help so far has been indispensable. Thank you so much Prof. Bob!

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