012 > Channel 4 Launch
The original Ch4 logo, designed by the brilliant Martin Lambie-Nairn and animated by TP.

012 > Channel 4 Launch

On 2nd November 1982 Channel 4 launched with it’s iconic fanfare and logo. But a few weeks before the launch all was not well…

TP had animated a wireframe model of the logo. The different formations that the logo entered and exited in were well received, but the problem was that it had been coloured in by hand!

The channel was due to launch in a matter of weeks and there just wasn’t the computing power in the UK at that time to render the logo in full, lit colour…

Above: Having fun on the steenbeck, studying a 35mm print. Many thanks to UEL.
(This is phone footage & does not represent the quality of the print).

TP (modestly) tells a great funny story about how he saved the day. More about that another time.


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