010 > Doctor Who
Tony Pritchett (1937-2017), was a British computer animation pioneer and Whovian, who left us at his humanist funeral service to the sound of The Tardis dematerialising. I will miss him a lot.

010 > Doctor Who

In 1967, it’s highly likely that Tony Pritchett would’ve been tuning into The Faceless Ones.

During this time, he was also making a two-minute film called ‘The Flexipede’, which is Britain’s first piece of computer animation featuring the world’s first computer animated character!

Kate, you're being a bit weird...

In 2019, I helped re-make The Flexipede whilst also helping re-make The Faceless Ones.

Not an amazing co-incidence… but suffice to say that I’ve enjoyed spending 2019 in 1967. Working on both re-makes has been a really great experience.

For more information about TP’s work, please click here.

“Never ignore a coincidence. Unless, of course, you’re busy. In which case, always ignore a coincidence.” — The Doctor.

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