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The Flexipede: Master Neg. (Photo taken 2014 by Ewan Mulligan)

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In 1967 getting The Flexipede out of The London University Atlas and onto 16mm wasn’t easy.

TP had to drive up to a nuclear fusion research lab in Oxfordshire and use the UK’s only microfilm recorder. (He also had to do a lot of extra programming which I’ll tell you about in the eBook).

In 2015, TP and I took the master negative of The Flexipede to Nigel Horn at i-Dailies.

i-Dailies technicians scanned the film free of charge, providing us with a HD digital copy.

< There are a few prints of The Flexipede kicking about – but since prints get shoved through projectors, they get scratched. The Master neg (as opposed to other negs),  included the separate Letraset titles that TP had added at a later date >

Of course there’s a debate to be has as to the best way to preserve materials – but this is just a brief blog post!

A huge thank you to Nigel and all at i-Dalies.

More coming soon to an eBook near you.

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