014 > Dr. Victoria Marshall
The Chilton Atlas console. Thanks to Dr. Victoria Marshall, this once cutting-edge supercomputer technology no longer lies abandoned in a warehouse.

014 > Dr. Victoria Marshall

When she’s not poking around in dusty warehouses, Dr. Marshall manages the diagnostic computers which run the Astra Gemini laser at Rutherford Laboratory, developing software to control, analyse and monitor the performance of the beam-line and data. 

She’s also a sought-after expert on the Chilton Atlas and was responsible for the console’s rediscovery!

2016. Tony Pritchett, (foreground centre) Dr. Victoria Marshall, Prof Bob Hopgood, Dik Leatherdale and myself take a tour of Rutherford Appleton's 'Raiders of The Lost Arc'-style warehouse. Photo by Nigel Kellaway.

The iconic piece of 1960’s supercomputing technology was considered lost until Dr. Marshall finally found it in a large warehouse at STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

I recommend you read her account of the find here.

First sight of the console after more than a decade: picture taken standing 2m up a ladder. Photo courtesy of Dr. Marshall.

Somehow Dr. Marshall also kindly finds the time to contribute to this little eBook project.

Thank you Dr. Marshall for your continuing support.

Dr Victoria Marshall and a close friend.
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