023 > Film Storage: Progress Report
BFI Master Film Store in Warwickshire is designed to house 190,000 canisters of volatile nitrate film and 240,000 acetate reels at minus 5 degrees Celsius, in a controlled humidity environment – and it looks a bit like The Flexipede.

023 > Film Storage: Progress Report

“As the Curator of Animation at the BFI National Archive it has become increasingly apparent to me that Tony Pritchett’s work represents a vital continuity though a foundational shift in British animation history. With The Flexipede, Tony instinctively created a film that was as much about character as coding, proving the concept that computer animation was not only viable, but that it belonged squarely within the context of the existing art and industry.

Kate Sullivan’s mission to excavate his story, first in partnership with Tony himself, and then with many of his former colleagues after his sad passing, has formed a rare and vital network between past and present and already yielded significant insights. It would be fantastic for her to be able to continue this work, which as well as unearthing and preserving knowledge about an under investigated area of screen history, is also informing her own artistic practice.

As with Tony, Kate has intuitively linked her research with her creative spirit, adding whole new dimensions to this project that I am sure will result in unique insights and bring new audiences to its outcomes.”

Jez Stewart

I’m incredibly happy to report that it is possible that the BFI will be housing all of Tony’s film work.

It is currently stored at a cool temperature in my garage, along with 19 Umatics and 19 VHS tapes.

Jez Stewert Head of Animation archives at the BFI has kindly been providing archive preservation advice and offering me assistance with my research.

Thank you so very much Jez.


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