004 > No.W.Here
'Digital Computer Titles', (c. 1975) No.W.Here Lab (c.2015)

004 > No.W.Here

Many filmmakers and artists working with analogue film owe a hell of a lot to artist filmmaker James Holcombe. He’s pretty much taught me everything I know about analogue filmmaking.

James Holcombe, pictured in the lab safety manual.

More about No.W.Here:

No.W.Here was project space run by artists Noor Afshan Mirza, Brad Butler, and James Holcombe. It provided production facilities to practitioners and educated a new generation of artists who sought to expand and examine film within contemporary art practice.

Much of the equipment had come from The London Filmmakers’ Co-operative. No.W.Here carried on the tradition and spirit of the co-op. It really was a wonderful place to visit.

The Optical Printer. No.W.Here Lab
Re-filming the original FLEXIPEDE Letraset titles.

Sadly due to rising East London rents, it was forced to close its doors in 2018.

James now runs Erehwon – a small business specialising in film sales, processing, telecine, education and advocacy for photochemical artists’ practice.

Some of the kit went to the good people at Not/nowhere’.

Not sure where I'd be without No.W.Here.
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