004 > No.W.Here
'Digital Computer Titles', (c. 1975) No.W.Here Lab (c.2015)

004 > No.W.Here

Many filmmakers and artists working with analogue film owe a lot to artist filmmaker James Holcombe. He’s pretty much taught me everything I know about analogue filmmaking.

James Holcombe, pictured in the lab safety manual.

Thanks to James and all at No.W.Here, Tony and I were able to view and log his 16mm work.

This was of course an absolutely wonderful thing to have been able to do.

Special thanks to James.

Tony Pritchett logging work at No.W.Here lab c. 2016
One of the many cases of films that Tony and I enjoyed viewing at the lab.

More about No.W.Here:

No.W.Here was a project space run by artists Noor Afshan Mirza, Brad Butler, and James Holcombe. It provided production facilities to practitioners and educated a new generation of artists who sought to expand and examine film within contemporary art practice.

Much of the equipment had come from The London Filmmakers’ Co-operative. No.W.Here carried on the tradition and spirit of the co-op. It really was a wonderful place to visit.

The Optical Printer. No.W.Here Lab
Re-filming the original FLEXIPEDE Letraset titles.

Sadly due to rising East London rents, it was forced to close its doors in 2018.

James now runs Erehwon – a small business specialising in film sales, processing, telecine, education and advocacy for photochemical artists’ practice.

Some of the kit went to the good people at Not/nowhere’.

Not sure where I'd be without No.W.Here.
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